Winners 2008

The Evangelical Christian Publishers Association, in conjunction with Dickinson Press as a sponsor, began the ECPA | dp Book Cover Award program in 2007 to educate, promote and recognize superior cover design in the Christian publishing industry. The program was built on the foundational RESEARCH of the Research Institute for Social Change [RISC] which measures consumer buying motivations and expands on the direct relationship between cover design and book sales. Book covers were judged by how well their design elements match characteristics of their intended audience.

ECPA congratulates the following 2008 program Winners:

  • The Literary Study Bible

    The Literary Study Bible

    Author: Leland Ryken and Philip Graham Ryken

    Publisher: Crossway Books & Bibles

    Designer: Josh Dennis

  • Zora and Nicky

    Zora and Nicky

    Author: Claudia Mair Burney

    Publisher: David C. Cook

    Designer: Jason Gabbert, The DesignWorks Group

  • Adam


    Author: Ted Dekker

    Publisher: Thomas Nelson, Inc.

    Designer: Tim Green, The DesignWorks Group | Mark Ross, Art Director