The Lost Sermons of C. H. Spurgeon Volume I Collector’s Edition


Christian T. George


B&H Publishing Group

Design Credits

Christopher Stewart, B&H Publishing Group



Publication Date

February 17, 2017

Other Credits

Art Director: Jade Novak, B&H Publishing Group; Marbled paper artisan: Lesley Patterson-Marx; Print buyer: Steve Reynolds; Printer: RR Donnelley

Designer Comments

Our design team was given photographic reference of 11 time-worn Victorian-era journals containing early sermons by Charles Spurgeon. We commissioned an artison to recreate the marbled paper cover patterns, and we worked with Cromwell Leather Group to match leather colors to the original series spines. This is the first volume of what will be a 12-book set. A limited edition of 40 are made using hand-made sheets of marbled paper, while the full production run features an offset-printed scan of one original marbled sheet. Packaged in a matte-laminated telescoping gift box with generous gold foil.

Judge Comments

This is a beautifully packaged book. It feels appropriate for the audience and love the choice of materials and color palette. The signature is a great element. DC

Literary Category