Seven Secrets to Power Praying


Jane Glenchur


Chosen/ Baker Publishing Group

Design Credits

Darren Welch | Dual Identity Design



Publication Date

March 14, 2018

Designer Comments

As a designer, I enjoy creating clean typographic book covers but the deceptively challenging part in the process is how to make it genuinely unique. On Seven Secrets to Power Praying we wanted to emphasize the words “Power Praying” to jump off at the viewer in a bold yet simple way, and secondarily we wanted a clever hint of a charismatic “fire” that represents the content of the book, which we were able to pull off in the unique treatment of the seven. –Darren Welch

Judge Comments

It’s impressive how the designer was able to put so much text on this cover and yet keep the design clean. Who would have thought that the number 7 could substitute for the letter v? And yet it reads flawlessly. Nice use of vignetting and complementing the warm orange background with the cool blue title. The simple flame definitely hints to the book’s charismatic audience.

Literary Category

RELIGION / Christian Life / Prayer