Praying for Boys


Brooke McGlothlin


Bethany House/ Baker Publishing Group

Design Credits

Dan Pitts



Publication Date

January 14, 2018

Designer Comments

To connect to the felt need parents have to care for their sons with prayer, I wanted to create an emotional response by picturing an everyday-boy that parents (especially mothers) could relate to. I chose the title font, Fenway, to allude to baseball and childhood memories of the game most kids have played. — Dan Pitts

Judge Comments

Everything about this cover is fun. The image and font choice work so well together. I love that the designer chose to crop the text on both sides. I’ve seen that done badly, but not in this case. The marketing and sales teams certainly can’t complain that the title isn’t big enough. “Bigger titles guys, bigger titles.”

Literary Category

RELIGION / Christian Life / Family