Murder at the Mikado


Julianna Deering


Bethany House/ Baker Publishing Group

Design Credits

Jeff Miller | Faceout Studio



Publication Date

July 14, 2018

Other Credits

Illustrator: John Mattos, Illustrator

Designer Comments

Murder at the Mikado is an extension of a fairly tight series and established look, so this was kept in mind when designing this cover. This series deals with murder, mystery, and takes part in the early 1930s. The scene of the crime is built up on the cover in classic Art Deco styling with leading characters and setting displayed in a unique and eye-catching way. — Jeff Miller

Judge Comments

There have no doubt been many art deco murder mystery book covers, but the care and craft here makes all the difference. The typography is elegant and historically appropriate, and the composition is nuanced. I particularly love the interplay between the flat pictorial space carved out by the searchlights and the real sense of depth the details in the background country house provide.

Literary Category

FICTION / Christian / Suspense