Fulfilled: The Refreshing Alternative to the Half-Empty Life


Joey Lankford


B&H Publishing Group

Design Credits

Darren Welch | Dual Identity Design



Publication Date

June 14, 2018

Other Credits

Art Director: Jade Novak, Art Director

Designer Comments

Lankford’s story calls for a clean, sparse cover. The bold fuel gauge with red-to-green colors convey fulness, energy and vitality. In order to maintain the vibrant orange and green, the cover was printed using spot colors instead of process. A deboss was added to dress up the design without adding clutter.

Judge Comments

A simple and strong idea elegantly handled. The concept is well served by the understated typography: there were some other clever covers in this contest that were let down by overly wrought or awkward type. I do wonder if the cover could’ve been even stronger without the triangle.

Literary Category